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UPC Case Management System

This purchase includes:


UPC-CMS Sunrise Course 

  • Introduction to the Unified Patent Court and its Case Management System 
  • Sunrise Procedures
    • Application to be Registered as a Representative Before the UPC (RoP286)
    • Opt-out, Withdrawal and Correction of Opt-out (RoP5)
  • The Register and its Parts
  • User Interface and Interaction Logics
  • CMS APIs

UPC-CMS Sunrise Course - PAP Release


Upon communication of the official dates of opening of the Court, a revised version of the Course will be released, with updated information and final details for start operations on the CMS.


The access to both releases is included in this purchase.

€ 95,00 VAT excluded


The duration of the training program is estimated to be three hours. The course will be available online for 7 days, after activation by the participant, and all learning units can be retaken as long as the course is available.

After completion of the course, the contents of the course and a certificate of completion will be available to download in PDF format.

At the end of the payment procedure, you will be asked your Name, Surname and email account to create each participant's account for accessing the course.

Batch purchases:

Dedicated quotations and support in the creation of accounts are provided for purchases of 10 or more participant accounts.

Please contact us at [email protected]